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More Than Just Another Denver SEO Company

You are faced with the challenge of trying to promote and grow your business in a competitive environment.  You may have invested in a website that does not produce as many new clients as expected. You may not be sure what the best way is to drive new leads and clients – the type of leads you actually want – to your website. It’s certainly possible that you’ve been burned in the past by website developers or SEO companies with whom you have had poor communication, a lack of concrete deliverables, or who have promised things they didn’t deliver. Your competitors are stealing prospects from you because they have a stronger web presence, and it’s time to take your company past them and drive real, tangible ROI from your website.

You need a marketing partner who you can trust to look out not only for you and your business needs, but who stays on top of the ever-changing world of online marketing so you don’t have to. You want to know which tactics and strategies are working so you can continue to make knowledgeable decisions about where to put your marketing budget. You want someone who can show you the work that’s actually being done and demonstrate ROI so you can hold them accountable.

C1 Partners is a comprehensive digital marketing firm that focuses on three things: results, transparency, and communication. We are different from traditional marketing agencies who cannot operate effectively in Google’s world and cannot develop trackable, highly profitable marketing strategies.  C1 Partners employs a proprietary blend of messaging strategies, marketing knowledge, and technical best practices to deliver an ROI-focused online campaign.

Our current customers will attest to the fact that they sleep better at night knowing someone knowledgeable, trustworthy, and honest is consistently watching out for their online marketing. Working with C1 Partners, you will feel in control, as you get to guide our work, ask the questions you want answered and get real, specific answers to your important questions. Join the dozens of small business who have seen their online marketing ROI skyrocket and begin with a free digital marketing assessment today.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services Denver

While we do much more than provide Denver SEO services, we know how well SEO can work for a business. We have been one of the top ranking Denver SEO firms for almost 2 years now, consistently ranked in the top 5 spots in the Google organic search results. Our clients, who are located throughout the US, experience the same results when they partner with us and let us apply our on-site and off-site SEO strategies to help them meet their business’s lead generation goals. We combine different tactics customized to your specific needs to push you to the top of the organic search results. We develop advanced messaging on web properties to significantly improve your conversion rate. This means we are not just attracting more visitors to your site, we are also persuading most of them to reach you one way or another.

We know what it takes to navigate you through the treacherous waters of SEO and keep you afloat amid the challenges.

Web Design Development

The look of your site on the outside is as important as its performance on the inside.

Web design and development are at the heart of our Internet marketing solutions. If you need a new website, we go beyond the limits of design possibilities and leverage on the tools available to build your site to perfection. If your existing site needs some improvements, C1 Partners uses a 360-degree approach to identify its weaknesses and make it perform to the highest level.

You can rely on our ingenuity in putting web elements together to impress visitors, send your message across effectively, and improve the user experience in every way possible.

Web Development

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook – it’s a sea of social media brands and platforms out there. How does a busy B2B marketer make sense of it all, and harness social media so that it works for them, instead of against them? C1 Partners is here to help you and your organization.

Social media is not a fad, and it isn’t a waste of time for your business. Instead, it’s critical to keep in touch with your customers, to position yourself as a leader in your industry, and to drive your website higher in search engines. Social media is about listening, learning, participating and bringing value to the markets, networks, and communities that are relevant to your business.

Pay Per Click

Our unsurpassed expertise in PPC sets us apart from the rest of the competition. We have brilliant minds committed to ensuring that your paid ads bear fruit in no time and make every single dollar you spend on Internet marketing solutions count.

No matter how much marketing dollars you are willing to put into your PPC campaign, we will strive to produce positive results. C1 Partners will make all the efforts to place your ad on the most strategic spots and drive substantial leads and sales before you know it.

PPC Management Services

Industries Served

There’s no place but above the fold if you go with C1 Partners. Find out the long list of industries we serve and dominate your competition successfully.

Law Firm Marketing

Legal & Professional Services

Be the first company that people will call the moment they need one. Establish yourself as the top legal or professional service provider in your local area now.

Health Care Services Marketing

Healthcare & Wellness

Reap the most revenues in the million-dollar healthcare and wellness industry through thoughtful marketing. We have the impressive track record to help maximize your profitability.

Real Estate & Investing

Make the top spot of Google and Bing your permanent home in the search results. We’ll develop a clever strategy to help you succeed in your industry’s tough market.

Home & Commercial Services

Become the most accessible contractor locally and win all the projects you can get. We’ll open the floodgate and be ready to accommodate a deluge of targeted leads.

Startups & Technology Companies

Jumpstart your business and cut the long wait to make some serious profit. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you compete against the giants in your industry.

Manufacturing & Industry

Make your brand top of mind to rise above the competitive manufacturing industry. C1 Partners specializes in keeping loyal clients and generating new prospects for your business.

eCommerce and Brick & Mortar Retail

Drive targeted customers to your online store or physical location and register successful sales. Leverage our proven success in making businesses profitable through effective online marketing.


Fitness and Recreation

Make your marketing campaign healthy and be surprised how in-demand you can be. We’ll work hard to make your efforts bear fruit as soon as possible.

Meet The Team


Dan Smink

Dan Smink


Digital Marketing Strategist

As the E-Commerce Manager for Viaero Wireless, I have relied heavily on the team at C1 Partners to manage our online paid advertising. Their ongoing management, along with regular advice, has helped our e-commerce site achieve the highest level of online sales the company as ever experienced. Thank you C1 Partners.


We've used C1 Partners for about a year now and have been very impressed with the services and prompt delivery. Compared to other marketing companies we've used in the past, C1 Partners definitely tries to understand your business so that they can suggest truly relevant search terms that apply to the business.
The other attribute of the company that I enjoy is that they are flexible with their services based on your knowledge level. The less comfortable you are with the online marketing world, the more assistance they provide. If you are pretty savvy with the basics of online marketing, they are willing to be your coach on the sidelines. Nothing is better than custom tailored service!
Finally, the price is worth the return of the leads gained through the online marketing.

I’ve used C1 Partners for two business ventures now and have been extremely satisfied with the results. SEO strategies have to constantly evolve, and these guys stay on top of it. I recently attended one of the informative talks they did at a trade show in Denver. It’s apparent they want your business to succeed, and are dedicated to that goal. They aren’t just in this game to make a quick paycheck. I highly recommend them if you are committed to growing your business, and latch-on to any time you can get with them.


C1 Partners has worked with us on our SEO rankings for the last couple of years and our results have been excellent! Our website moved from being almost invisible to being at or near the #1 spot on all our relevant search phrases. Thanks for your hard work!


C1 Partners is a great company. Our organization is positioned well because of their expertise in SEO. We can directly see the impact of our increased web presence because of their advice. I would highly recommend them.

Google Partner