At C1 Partners, we back our promise with actual, profitable results. But we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We let you hear it instead from your fellow clients.

Below is a collection of real customer testimonials so you can have a glimpse of the quality of service our team delivers.

Testimonial by Bryan Schroeder for C1-Partners

Bryan Schroeder from Fasterhouse shares with everyone a bit of how C1-Partners has been there for his business.

Counseling Practice In Denver

“C1 Partners not only improved our rankings, they improved the quality of clients we now get.”

– Business Owner and Denver Counselor

Soccer Training Company

“We get calls daily from people finding us on Google-and we didn’t even think there were that many searches online for what we do.”

– Coach and Business Owner

Personal Injury Attorney In A Large Market

Beth (Prospect):

Beth :

Dear Mr. Ward C1 Partners introduced you as someone that could speak to their work. We are a family law group in Albuquerque seeking a better SEO and internet marketing vendor than the one we have. How long has C1 supported your SEO work and have they helped to improve your incoming client interest and conversion? In other words, are you getting a return on your investment? I appreciate your time, I know it’s valuable.

Kurt (Customer) :

Hi, Beth. We’ve been working with the folks at C1 for about 14 months. Our practice area is highly competitive for Google search (personal injury) and we have maintained standing at the top of most relevant search (above the fold and even #1 for extended time periods) for the past ten months. Our business has substantially increased since working with these guys. We got burned by our previous SEO team – they never moved the needle on our rankings.

I never hear excuses from C1 and they produce results. Its been a great partnership for us. Conversion has been great too – as good or better than previous paid search campaigns we’ve run. Definitely worth the investment, I think.

Please feel free to call me with more questions.

Beth :

We’ve also been “burned” and don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Thanks for the info Zico.

Kurt :

I can only speak to our experience, but its been really good. I think 99% of SEO is complete b.s. At the very least I’ve seen results here that have exceeded my expectations.

Beth :

True about the b.s. – yet, it’s a game we all must play and be good at if we want clients. Either we get in the “ring” or we hire someone to get in there for us. We have learned firsthand what the internet can and cannot do for our business. We’re hiring C1 Partners based on numerous good references from various law firms. I’m glad yours is prospering with their help. Thanks again.

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