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We get it. Running a business sucks when you aren’t making enough money. Our clients frequently come to us after being burned by a bad digital marketing agency. Do you want to see a real return on your digital marketing investment? We can help.

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We Know Digital Marketing
And We Care About Our Clients

We go beyond improving brand visibility and spreading awareness. We generate better conversions and ROI for our clients by helping them cultivate a solid community online. Our clients have enjoyed many successes, including:

  • Maximum ROI for a minimum investment
  • Increased visibility in search engines
  • A steady stream of website and/or foot traffic
  • More qualified leads and conversions
  • Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Reduced cost per acquisition/conversion

Our Digital Marketing Testimonials

The proof is in the work. Here are some of our client success stories.

For businesses selling exclusively into an enterprise-level field of potential clients only have so many potential customers, most marketing agencies fail to execute tactics that embraces this fact rather than trying to run from the challenges it presents. This client, a firm of implementation experts for a specific enterprise-level platform, was able to leverage our capabilities and target different messaging to various stakeholders in their target companies. This has resulted in trackable chat activity that is reducing their key challenge – a lengthy sales cycle – by changing conversations from how to work with their services, not why.

Enterprise Business Solution Provider

Breaking into – and advertising on Google for – the makeup and cosmetic industry is a challenge with highly specific needs and requirements in outreach, messaging, and verbiage. Navigating the waters of FDA and government mandated best practices, C1 was able to develop a campaign that outperformed previous efforts at an unforeseeable rate. This client regularly failed to reach monthly conversion objectives – C1’s campaign achieved this figure in less than 48 hours after launch – and for 10% of the allotted budget.

Beauty & Makeup Supply

Many companies have a ‘dream list’ of clients they’d like to work with, born out of both current sales efforts and future potential ones. This client’s industry is challenged a long education cycle and numerous “free” alternatives to their robust SAAS platform. Leveraging our messaging tactics, prior branding efforts, and dutiful exploration of available data segments, C1 was able to develop a direct marketing campaign to companies on their dream list and those in similar positions in the buying cycle. The client now enjoys a higher close rate as potential clients are educated along the way with ads and content that resonate with their specific challenges

SAAS IT Provider

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Search Engine Optimization

Rank well in the SERPs for keywords that matter to your business. Our 8-step process is proven to increase your traffic, leads, and sales.

Pay Per Click

Navigate the complex but rewarding world of digital advertising with our PPC management solutionsWe’ll help you drive and convert maximum leads at affordable costs.  

Content Marketing

Relevant, helpful, and enjoyable content is what hooks customers into commitment. We have a team of experienced content marketers, including writers and creatives who will craft you an effective brand messaging across multiple channels.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic advertising allows you to use someone’s own Web browsing histories to make your own campaigns more effective. Ads are targeted to customers based on demographic ans psychographic data.

Our Process-Driven Digital Marketing Approach

Establish Shared Goals

You’ll probably be surprised by an agency that is digging into goals and KPIs before the contract is signed. Early on, we seek to develop a deep understanding of your business, the opportunity for digital marketing, and how we will serve you as a valuable partner in achieving your business objectives.

Drive Qualified Traffic

There’s a big difference between branded and non-branded traffic. You want to be found for what you do, not who you are. A disciplined approach to the science of onsite and offsite search engine optimization establishes our clients as thought leaders and maximizes non-branded traffic to their websites.

Increase Conversions

Wouldn’t it be nice if website traffic converted to leads, and wouldn’t it be nice if leads converted to customers? We audit and optimize our clients’ online marketing funnels for data, content, goals, and simplification of the buyer’s journey. By doing this, we maximize conversion of traffic to leads to customers.

Grow Your Revenue

Achieving growth in your business is critical. A simple numerical goal is good, but it’s important to ensure that every customer’s potential is fully realized at the highest ROI. We focus on important KPIs linked to overall goals. Through continuous measurement of performance, what’s driving it and the barriers, we maximize results for our clients.

Been Burned By Another Agency?
We Get It.
Here’s How We’re Different.

Today’s business landscape is brimming with competition. With the merging of data, technology, and increased consumer demands, it’s no longer enough to attract and retain customers. To grow your business, you’ll need to focus on delivering value through channels and formats your customers respond to the most.

Why? The answer is simple. The Internet, and all the diverse things we use it for, has become intricately weaved into our daily lives.

Partnering with the leading digital marketing agency in Denver is the best place to start.