Our Team

Behind the success of C1 Partners is a team of brilliant marketers with unwavering dedication to pursuing excellence. They have developed and implemented countless campaigns that have produced millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for different clients. Our founders have vast, hands-on experience in the most competitive industries on the market, including real estate, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, retail, professional services, and many more.

The founder of our team, Dan Smink, is a respected business leader who has been working in the marketing agency, medical device, and non-profit industries for nearly 20 years. He has developed and implemented countless marketing campaigns that have produced millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for different clients. Appointed by two Denver mayors to leadership roles in the community, his vision and creativity have repeatedly led to significant growth for the organizations he has led.

Our office is bursting with talent. We have highly trained and creative copywriters, editors, web designers and developers, social media managers, PPC specialists, digital strategists, and data analysts. Our staff is exclusively focused on growing the demand for our clients’ brand, products, and services. We continually push and probe to find all available ways to make our clients’ campaigns successful.

Our eyes are set on the ultimate goal, which is to provide you with the greatest ROI on your Marketing investment, while helping you be a leader in your market and enabling you to reach your business goals. With our proprietary methods, we work to dramatically reduce your cost of new customer acquisition, while increasing the leads generated from your marketing campaigns. We quickly work in synergy with you to deliver the results you want in the shortest possible time.

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Meet Our Team

Dan Smink

Dan Smink

After finishing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Georgetown University, Dan Smink went to Colorado. There, he founded C1 Partners after seeing the great need of small businesses for digital marketing support. He has led the strategy and marketing efforts for large healthcare providers like Centura and multinational medical device companies such as Covidien, McKesson, and Thermo Fisher.

In his most recent client-side role, Dan led Covidien’s Global Market Strategy effort for its abdominal surgery market. He found ways to expand the business from $200 million to $1 billion. His client-side experience constitutes significant work for all kinds of companies, from those with less than $1 million to those with greater than $40 billion. For all of these companies, he has led efforts to resolve his clients’ problematic business situations and return them to a state of growth.

Dan is also active in his community. He has been appointed by two separate Denver mayors to help lead the Board of Directors of local non-profit organizations. As chairman of the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD), a healthcare services company, Dan’s leadership and guidance helped grow the organization from $25 million to $50 million in less than three years.

Tyler Mandroian

Tyler Mandroian

After graduating from Arizona State University, Tyler managed the online marketing efforts of leaders in consumer retail, medical software, and commercial landscaping fields. He only recently relocated to Colorado and has brought with him the experience of working with large multi-regional companies as well as with independent start-ups. He has developed and executed online marketing strategies for dozens of small businesses in both in-house and agency environments.

Tyler designs, plans, and executes marketing strategies for business, which includes designing the creative message and developing an online presence to drive leads and sales at a profitable rate. He has a unique understanding of how to leverage the power of online marketing for small businesses. His specialty lies in crafting SEO efforts around client’s strengths to increase the relevancy and profitability of their entire marketing efforts, as well as PPC and planning and managing content for websites. He also redesigns and designs websites from the ground up.

Tyler has certifications in HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads, as well as the following certifications in Google AdWords: Fundamentals, Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Mobile Advertising.

Regan Morton

Regan Morton

Regan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri, where she studied Strategic Communications. Armed with expertise in Public Relations and Content Management, Regan went on to serve small and mid-sized businesses. With a laser-focus on achieving short and long-term business objectives, she carefully crafts and executes comprehensive marketing initiatives that get brands in front of the right buyers.

Working across industries, Regan has honed a healthy respect for data. She collects, analyzes, and leverages granular information to align innovative, digital marketing tactics with consumer behavior to drive meaningful results and measurable ROI.

When she’s not optimizing online experiences, Regan spends her free time teaching young athletes cartwheels and confidence by coaching and judging gymnastics.

Dillon Brickhouse

Dillon Brickhouse

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Jacksonville State University, Dillon decided to embark on a huge change. Taking a leap of faith, he moved across the country and switched careers, from music to digital marketing.

This leap of faith ultimately paid off; now, after having been in the digital marketing industry for several years, Dillon has broad experience. Ranging from web development to search engine optimization, Dillon is adept with many facets of agency life. While his main focus is SEO, he actively maintains and builds his web development skills, which include HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, JQuery, and PHP. He can design and build websites on modern, user-friendly CMS sites like WordPress or Drupal. To help clients achieve the highest possible rank on search engines, he backs his websites with powerful SEO techniques.

Dillon has certifications in SEO Essentials Training, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and Google Analytics. He also has the following certifications in Google AdWords: Fundamentals and Search.

In his spare time, Dillon enjoys getting everything that he can out of Colorado, including camping, hiking, and especially snowboarding.

Megan Stiffey

Megan Stiffey

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, Megan’s first part of her career was actually as a United States Army Officer. Upon finishing her commitment to the military, that is when Megan dove in head first to her marketing career.

Starting off as a marketing coordinator for a small automotive company, Megan quickly moved into working with digital marketing agencies as she wanted to help multiple clients succeed and grow their business. She started off at a local Denver agency where she learned the ins and outs of SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing and really grew her overall digital marketing expertise. She found her passion with PPC and paid media and has almost 10 years experience. When it comes to the campaigns that Megan manages, she is very data-driven and results orientated. She loves diving in and digesting campaign data, and looking at ways to optimize them and make them perform at the highest level.

Megan is currently certified in the following: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video and Google Ads Shopping.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exploring the great state of Colorado with her pup Abbie, spending time with friends and family, and cheering on the Denver Broncos!