Why You Need to Perform an SEM Audit and How to Do It

Why You Need to Perform an SEM Audit and How to Do It

Search engine marketing (SEM), or paid search, has leveled the playing field for businesses, allowing small players to compete with larger, well-known brands. Advertisers prefer SEM because it is easy to set up and manage, but mostly because it quickly builds traffic. Because this advertising model heavily relies on search engines, the most popular platforms

Expand to New Markets with Google AdWords PPC

The digital marketing discipline continues to develop and improve upon existing strategies to keep up with the rapid changes inherent to its platform. This way, the method of promoting businesses online never stagnates. In an increasingly digital-centric world where trends are fleeting or exist solely to set up the next big thing, simply having one

Facebook 360: How to Leverage This Feature for Better Search Marketing | C1 Partners

It’s 2017. Snapchat is on the rise. Artificial intelligence is pointing to a brave new world. And mobile devices are forging on-the-go consumerism. But the classics are not to be overlooked—such as Facebook, which deserves credit for constantly innovating and reinventing itself to some degree. Among the social media giant’s most recent innovations is the

The Golden Age of AI: Optimizing for RankBrain in 2017 and Beyond

RankBrain, a machine learning technology, has already entered the game of search as we know it. This technology is now responsible for the majority of Google search results. While the average user hasn’t noticed anything different, just yet, the move to RankBrain will make the web an easier and better place to search, according to

How AI is Changing the SEO Landscape

TITLE: Artificial Intelligence: How It’s Changing SEO in 2017 Will 2017 be the year that computers and artificial intelligence finally outsmart the human brain? Perhaps. Computers are becoming smarter, they’re able to understand our language, and learn from experience. They can now exhibit behavior that’s nearly equivalent or indistinguishable from man. They have accelerated nearly

The Key Elements of a Website: A Checklist for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

For many of your customers, the first impression that they have with your business and your brand will come in the form of your website. A well-designed, thoughtful website is the best kind of marketing tool – the one that doesn’t need to eat or sleep and that does its job 24 hours a day,

7 Essential Tips to Strengthen Your Keyword Research

In terms of gaining the type of online recognition that your business needs to stand out, you’d still be hard pressed to find something more important than SEO. Remember that as of 2016, an incredible 93% of ALL online experiences still begin with a search engine. One of your potential customers sits down at their

Local SEO: An Indispensable Tool for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Local SEO is a Google favorite. Over the years, the search engine giant has shown increasing favor toward smaller, newer local businesses, giving them the tools they need to perform well in the local search (e.g. Analytics and Search Console) landscape. The latest algorithm updates focus on giving searchers relevant results, as well; and a

SEO Checklist

Also referred to as “search engine optimization,” SEO isn’t just a technique that businesses use to get noticed on the Internet – it may be the single most important step you take as far as your digital identity is concerned. According to a study conducted by imFORZA.com, nearly 93% of all online experiences begin with

Increasing Lead Generation for a Local Law Firm: A Case Study

The principle of SEO is fairly straightforward: high rankings in SERPs lead to greater traffic and leads – and ultimately, sales. In 2014, a law firm wanted to generate leads through the most relevant digital marketing tactics. C1 Partners stepped in and launched an SEO campaign to achieve this goal. The Client The client is