PPC Management in Denver


Google Ads, better known to us as AdWords, is the most extensive digital advertising network in the world. It lets businesses place targeted ads in multiple formats across its Search, Display, and publisher networks and partner websites.

The network takes advantage of the massive monthly viewership of channels like search engines, YouTube, Gmail, and mobile apps. For a business looking to build traffic, acquire leads, and drive sales, AdWords offers instant, measurable results.

The biggest advantage – you get traffic today!

Like most progressive cities, AdWords or PPC in Denver can be pretty competitive. This is why it’s probably a safer bet to have your Google Ads managed, versus learned through trial and error. And while you’re at it, why not have your AdWords Campaigns managed by a PPC Team in Denver?

As part of our complete suite of digital marketing services, we can say with all modesty aside that our PPC team is one of the best in Denver. We create strategic campaigns with compelling messages that attract interest, get exceptionally good quality scores making you bid less for the same terms as your competitors might.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask us for our AdWords Case Studies, or even better, ask us for references. Discover first-hand why our clients that sign up for our AdWords services stay loyal for years.

Is AdWords Right for Your Business?

PPC is not for everyone. But it works for a variety of businesses, especially those with high margins or big-ticket items, high customer lifetime values, and diverse array of products. PPC is also worth investing in if you sell seasonal, event-based, or hard-to-find items.

Industries that fall under these criteria include retail, healthcare, law, and education, as well as recurring services like cable, Internet, and utilities. In other words, PPC is the most effective when the stakes are high because of the high-profit margins for each purchase.

This explains why most of Google’s ad revenue comes from the following industries:

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retailers & General Merchandise
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Jobs & Education
  • Home & Garden
  • Computers & Consumer Electronics
  • Vehicles
  • Internet & Telecom
  • Business & Industrial
  • Occasions & Gifts

The data also match with the volume and variety of queries made in these categories per day. But even if your business doesn’t belong in this list, you may still get value from PPC. It’s a matter of bidding for the most relevant, high-intent keywords that drive the most qualified leads and sales at affordable costs.

C1 Partners’ Strategy for Success

The great thing about AdWords is that there are a number of ways to know whether you’re doing the right thing. Our clients, for instance, see click-through rates well over 8%, which is two times higher than the average CTR across all industries.

We strive to meet and even exceed the network’s performance benchmarks for each business we work with, no matter what industry it operates in. Here’s one of our many success stories:

National Wholesale Distributor of Packaged Food

  • Reduced PPC spending by 12% and increased first-time purchase by 35%
  • Savings from the PPC budget went to SEO efforts, which helped
    the business rank number five in four main search terms
  • The company now enjoys 120 unique monthly customers, with
    the cost per new customer within 5% of average order value
  • 429% revenue increase in 2016 from PPC, SEO, and other
    promotional tactics

Denver PPC Services Focused on ROI

When you venture into AdWords, you’ll come across a handful of metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. These metrics have become buzzwords thrown around in the PPC community in Denver: click-through rates, profit-per-impression, cost per acquisition, quality score, and the like.

While all these metrics still matter, there’s only one metric that tells you whether the clicks and leads are translating into sales: return on ad spend, or ROAS.

ROAS is measured by setting up an automated or dynamic conversion tracking tool in your AdWords account. Using this tool sets apart a serious PPC investment from hype. With it, you can measure the exact profit generated from each PPC ad for a specific product, and more importantly, if each conversion is worth the dollars spent on acquisition. This way, you can identify which campaigns bring in the most revenue using the cost per conversion data in AdWords.

ROAS is already considered the metric of choice of e-commerce brands. But other businesses should also focus their efforts on ROI, not only for maximizing revenue but also for crafting better ads and landing pages.

How do we maximize the Return of your Ad Spend?

Dynamic performance tracking

Our Denver PPC experts use numerous tools to monitor the performance of your ad campaign at different levels depending on your ad goals. This can begin from visibility, to cost per visit, and even Return on Ad Spend for e-commerce sites.

Continuous Optimization

experience and the right tools allow our AdWords experts to not only set up your ad campaign the right way from day 1, but also to outperform anyone you compete with in the AdWords space and even your previous providers performance for your website.

Call tracking

Not all PPC revenue comes from clicks. If you have landing pages set up for pay-per-call campaigns, our team will make sure each call impression and conversion is recorded. We can track all your PPC calls independently at the keyword level.

PPC Services That Grow Your Bottom Line

Conversion is not a destination. It’s a journey.

Each digital stop requires a specific strategy, which would ideally open a new path to the next interaction, engagement, and ideally, conversion. It’s similar to how people switch between channels, applications, and device before making a purchasing decision. Our understanding of these behaviors, along with our PPC tools and expertise, enables us to deliver better results for our clients.

Find out how our Denver AdWords and PPC tactics can deliver results for your business.