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Billions of dollars per year are spent in paid search, and in your industry, competitors are spending more money or more time focusing on the right signals for their business that drives customers to them and away from you. The paid search algorithm is highly complex and takes years of studying and experience to drive efficient results. You may have tried paid search before and seen lackluster results, or you may be failing at driving a good ROI today, but you are having trouble pinpointing exactly what you are missing. The truth is that paid search may or may not be a good use of your money – what if you had a trusted expert that could learn about your business and the services that bring home the bacon and apply their knowledge of paid search to give you an honest assessment of what you could expect?

We’ve helped dozens of businesses in the same position as yours not only determine if paid search is a worthwhile investment with a compelling potential ROI, but also execute and prove this vision and strategy. we know how much the average business struggles to maintain their own Google ads account or to accurately manage agencies who claim to be driving revenue up. We commonly increase efficiencies in paid campaigns by 30% within the first 30 days how long the rules and continue to drive better and better results for years to come.

How do you get started?

Initial Business Review

Initial Business Review

We discuss your desires, challenges, and steps you’ve taken to get there that have or haven’t worked. Just like your doctor performing a check-up, we’re going to ask a lot of vital questions to the heartbeat of your business

Opportunity Review

Opportunity Review

We take the information from the business review, and utilizing a suite of technical tools, expertise, and experience, financially model what your specific opportunity in your geography looks like, and what it will take for you to see success. 

SOW Generation

SOW Generation

We lay out a 12 month plan to start achieving your goals – even if you decide we’re not the best partner for your company, you will receive a 12 month plan that is capable of achieving your results – either with us or on your own.

Schedule a time to talk to us about your PPC goals, and we’ll show you how to get there.

Success Stories

Using paid and organic search, we helped the packaged food wholesale distributor retain customers and increase revenue throughout the lifetime of each customer. In just 12 months, Custom Culinary saw a positive return on their SEM investment, which led to a 429% revenue increase in 2016. The client now enjoys top rankings in the SERPs and more than 120 unique monthly customers, with 33% of its sales coming from repeat customers.

Custom Culinary

After suffering a Google penalty caused by the Penguin update, a home improvement e-commerce business came to us. We helped the client recover from the penalty through SEO, PPC, and web development. Over the last three years, the client restored its business viability and now enjoys a 1,751.8% ROI on its organic spend and 175% growth in total revenue.

Great Fence

C1 Partners helped a real estate investment company in St. Louis, Missouri achieve first page rankings for several relevant search terms. The partnership was built with the objective to drive lasting success. Today, the family-owned business enjoys a steady stream of traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.


PPC engagement with C1 Partners ensures:

Alignment With Your Business Goals

We take the time to sit down with all of our clients and really understand their needs. Sure, we can get clicks. But if that traffic isn’t valuable to your business, it’s a waste of time and money. So we want to align ourselves with your business so that we are all swimming in the same direction.

Thorough Keyword Research That Uncovers Great Opportunities

We don’t mess around when it comes to keyword research. Other companies will make ads for “vanity keywords” – keywords that you really want to show up for, but may not actually be as relevant as you might thing. Instead, we really dig into the data, find the best keywords for your business, sort them into groups, and present you with the possibilities.

Well-Structured, Highly Specific Campaigns

Google Ads rates every ad on it’s “quality score.” Quality score is a metric that basically tells us how relevant the ad and the landing page are to the keywords you’re bidding on. With our SKAG approach, we are able to be very specific with our ads, increasing your quality score and helping your ad to show up more often.

We’re business people first, and that’s what makes our approach different in how:

  • We align with our customers
    • Develop modeling that ties keywords to shared goals and KPI’s before you ever sign a contract
    • Our tried and tested best practices SKAG approach and intimate understanding of competitive factors drive higher quality scores and ROI
    • Our conversion audit ensures we only optimize to profit producing activities
  • We execute campaigns
    • Our tried and tested best practices, SKAG approach, and intimate understanding of competitive factors drive higher quality scores and ROI
    • Each account manager is certified in advanced Google Ads training So that the advice you receive is accurate and based on real world experience
    • Our experience allows us to take advantage of new solutions and beta testing new advertising methods that most would ordinarily not have access to

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