What is Retargeting?

At some point, it happens to all of us: you spend a huge amount of time designing exactly the perfect digital ad and a not-insignificant amount of money on the perfect placement. That ad works wonders and attracts the attention of a huge number of prospective buyers. It funnels them right to your landing page or website the way you wanted them to, and then… nothing. For whatever reason, they navigate away from your page. Maybe they added an item to their shopping cart, maybe they didn’t, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re gone.

At that point, you can’t help but wish there was a way you could get more ads in front of these specific people. Maybe they just got too busy with life and forgot, maybe they were on the fence about a purchase and needed just a little nudge to the other side that you couldn’t give. You know that if you were given just one more opportunity, you could do what it takes to close the deal.

This, in essence, is what retargeting is all about.

Also commonly referred to as remarketing, retargeting is a specific type of online advertising that lets you keep your brand – and its advertisements – in front of people AFTER they’ve left your website. Consider for a moment the fact that for the vast majority of all websites, only about 2% of Web traffic actually converts on the first visit. If you had an opportunity to essentially guarantee that these people would come back for a second (or even a third) visit, you would take it, right?

Thankfully, you do. It’s called retargeting and it’s about to change your life.

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The Power of Retargeting

But you don’t have to take our word for it – a wide range of different studies have been conducted that show just how effective retargeting campaigns via pay-per-click, Google or other sources can be when executed properly. Consider the following statistics:

  • Conversions

    One study revealed that website visitors who are retargeted with display ads (meaning ads with rich content like audio, video and images) are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

  • Click Through Rate

    Another study revealed that the average click-through rate for display ads in general is about 0.07%. The average click-through rate for retargeted ads, on the other hand, comes in at an incredible 10 times that at 0.7%.

  • comScore

    Yet another study conducted by comScore revealed that the extensive use of retargeted ads often led to a 1046% increase in branded search. This means that not only is it helping to get people to come back to your website after they’ve initially left, but it also has the long-term effect of increasing brand awareness and recall at the exact same time!

It’s something that the larger digital marketing industry has taken note of, too. Despite the fact that one out of every five marketers now has a dedicated budget aimed solely at furthering their retargeting efforts, a massive 46% of search engine marketing professionals STILL believe that this is the most underused and underrated online marketing technology available today.

So at least for the time being, not only will retargeting allow you to convert more traffic than ever before, but it can also help you carve out a competitive advantage for yourself because this is STILL a technique that most people aren’t using… yet.

Retargeting campaigns cannot and should not be created in a vacuum, however. To get your retargeting campaign, you’ll have to keep a few key things in mind.

The Importance of Getting Retargeting RIGHT

As with most other forms of digital marketing, your retargeting campaigns are only going to be as effective as possible if they’re tailored to the specific audience you’re going to be reaching. This means that you can’t just go after people who found your website one afternoon by chance – you need to create ads that target the specific reason why they went to your website in the first place, thus increasing the chances of getting them back to your domain at a later date.

You’ll also want to break down your retargeting efforts based on certain criteria that increase the likelihood of a conversion. Spending money to get someone back who never had any intention of making a sale won’t do anyone any good. Instead, you need to create separate campaigns for the people who spend the most amount of time on your site, for example, or for people who exceed a specific number of visits to a particular page within a certain period of time.

Resources like Google’s paid and organic search results will be an invaluable tool towards this goal, but this is likely something you don’t want to do alone. Major companies often hire teams of people just to keep watch over these types of campaigns because of the sheer amount of proactive effort involved. Another option would be to find the right digital marketing partner that understands both your brand and your audience and, most importantly, how to bring them together in a more effective way than ever before.

The C1 Partners Approach

As digital marketing professionals with decades of combined experience under our belts, C1 Partners is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be the retargeting provider you need when you need it the most. Based out of Denver, Colorado, we take the time to get to know our clients (and their audiences) on an individual basis to help increase chances of success through high levels of personalization and customization. In addition to retargeting advertising, we also offer services like SEO, PPC, social media marketing and more – all aimed towards increasing leads, conversions and sales as quickly as possible.

If you have any additional questions about the major benefits that the right retargeting campaign can bring to the table, or if you’d just like to sit down and speak to someone in a little more detail about your own situation, please don’t delay – contact C1 Partners today.

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