Denver SEO Services

Search is evolving. Several Denver SEO services providers still provide only Search Engine Optimization activities, but may still leave businesses with nothing more than rankings.

This is where we C1-Partners stands out from the rest.

We’re not just another Denver SEO Company, we’re your Marketing Partner. We take a keen interest in your business, your target audience, and your potential market. Most of all, we love being part of your success.

We will not stop until people start calling your business, dropping in, or e-mailing your business. Because we understand businesses don’t just need to rank, they need to be able to sell.

While we offer a full suite of Digital Marketing Services, at the heart of our competencies is still our Denver SEO services. Organic visibility leads ultimately to free traffic and leads, and is therefore the backbone of any sustainable Digital Strategy. We live and breathe search. We put businesses in front of their target customers as they move from one purchasing stage to another.

The C1 Partner’s Approach to SEO

We don’t make shortcuts with SEO.

That means no beating the algorithm to get explosive traffic overnight. In fact, we’ll be the first to tell you that SEO is not for everyone, and it takes time to show results.

We build your rankings brick by brick. But more than that, we will communicate every step of the process with you, committing to a transparency that no SEO Provider you’ve ever worked with can provide.

We understand how search has evolved over the years and we do our due diligence to stay ahead of potential changes to the Search landscape to deliver a strategy that’s in tune with the latest best practices. We deliver only work that is open to scrutiny.

We have two goals: to develop content focused on helping your customers and bringing lasting success for your business by driving sales, leads, traffic, and high rankings.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

C1 Partners has delivered a 124% increase in organic traffic and a 98% increase in organic conversions over two years for an e-commerce site in home improvement. The team helped the site recover from a Google penalty caused by the Penguin update and regain its rankings through SEO, web development, and paid search. The site has maintained good visibility in the SERPs for more than three years.


of marketers see SEO as becoming more effective

(Marketing Drive, 2016)


of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles

(Wordstream, 2016)


of consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles

(Wordstream, 2018)

Improvements in content have been known to increase blog traffic by as much as


(Search Engine People, 2017)

What Services are Included?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methods to get a website to rank high for target keywords on search engine results pages. Companies should use the best SEO practices to rank well for their target keywords.

Today’s SEO is a byproduct of developing and promoting content that is designed to help the customer. This goes in line with Google and other search engines’ long-term goal to deliver the most accurate and relevant information to their users.

Whether you’re aiming for local, organic rankings, or both, our process is proven to bring results. We achieve that using a strategically structured approach that includes:

Digital marketing and website audit

We use several tools to analyze your site’s performance and overall web presence. If there are low hanging opportunities, we will find them. And if there’s an obstacle to achieving success, we will guide you to it.  This way, you’ll only spend time and money on what needs fixing and what matters most.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the exact terms people type in the search engines to find your business or offerings. They are the digital crumbs that connect your business with potential customers. Keywords are the backbone of good search marketing because they represent your user’s motivation for the search.  Serve that need, and you become relevant.  By doing extensive keyword research, we’ll uncover the following:

  • What products and services you want to get conversions for
  • Your existing status in Google’s eyes and the quickest wins for your brand
  • The competitive landscape and how that is likely to affect SEO efforts
  • Uncovering low competition yet high-value keywords for your business

All this valuable marketing intelligence will inform how we optimize your content and pages so that your prospects are reading the ideal content during the appropriate stage in their buyer’s journey.


Onsite Optimization

While we may get down to the nitty-gritty of your current Technical SEO performance and site structure, we’ll also develop an on-site optimization plan that will serve the need of the search, inform your potential customers, make your brand more relevant in the digital space, and thus increase your rankings over time. You can expect our Denver SEO experts to be well-versed in over a hundred ranking signals, but we will only use the ones that drive the most results to your brand and your business. Here’s the best part, we’ll let Google be our Oracle. By integrating Search Console, Analytics and Tag Manager to your site, we let Google’s technology help us in delivering great user experiences for your audience.


Local Search Client Development

Local SEO is not as easy as it seems. Sure, your proximity to the searcher gives you an advantage to appear in the local SERPs. But so are hundreds of similar businesses in your area. You need a solid strategy that includes making your business listings accurate and consistent and your website optimized for mobile search. The reciprocal relationship between online listings that link back to your site, and Local Schema that identify those listings as yours go a long way. And we won’t make it seem like magic. We’ll tell you exactly how it’s done.


Content Development

Content is the most important ranking factor for search engines. And it’s not as simple as producing original, well-written blogs and crisp copies. Each searcher’s intent and needs drive our approach. We have dozens of trained content marketers on our roster, ready to write user focused, search-focused, high-quality articles and multimedia content for all types of businesses and industries. The point is to create pages and content that match the purpose of the search.

Offsite Link-building and Authority Development

On-Page and Content go a long way. Sometimes even all the way to the first page of search. But more often than not, even good content requires a push from external vouches. This is where Off-Page SEO comes in. We help you develop content that is citable in third party websites to earn those vouches. We report each earned link transparently, and we’ll help you keep earning them until your brand is where it matters – at the top of search results.


Monitoring & Reporting

Identifying key metrics and goals early on and monitoring your day to day improvements and decisions against them is critical. We use powerful tools to track, measure, and chart your SEO and marketing activities. Every month, you’ll get a detailed report of the results achieved from each activity. We’ll make sure you understand each scoring metric and provide recommendations to achieve better results.

Work with Seasoned SEOs and Digital Marketers

Get started on a partnership that’s anchored on results, transparency, and communication. Get a free site analysis today and even a free consultation with C1 Partners and discover why we are one of the most respected SEO companies in Denver.