Reputation Management

You’re better than your competitors,

So why do they have better reviews than you do?

Whether it’s a recommendation from a friend, a co-worker, or even someone on Facebook, your everyday consumer still depends heavily on personal referrals to get the local services they really want done right. Google hasn’t eliminated the need for personal recommendations – it’s actually made them substantially more important. 91% of customers report reading online reviews, and 50% of people who find your store in local search will visit. Unlike the phonebooks of old, your store’s public listing is a breathing, living entity that a majority of your new customers are very likely to interact with before they ever meet you.

Maintaining a high ranking for local searches for your business, ensuring that information is accurate and actionable, and consistently improving your listing’s value are all a part of local reputation management.

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How We Deliver It

  • Listing Management

    There are thousands of directory-type websites throughout the internet that display your businesses’ information, and it’s highly likely most of them are inaccurate. If that’s not enough to worry about, duplicate listings are often created automatically by these websites when they detect a change in number, address, or public e-mail account. User information can even impact it, so if someone ads Your Company, LLC when it’s publicly listed as Your Company, you’ve created a duplicate listing in Google’s eye. Duplicate and inaccurate listings are one of the largest local ranking factors holding local businesses back.

    We fix all of this for you. Working with industry leading partners like Yext and Moz Local, C1 leverages our relationships on these platforms, as well as our experience in picking up the slack where they fall short, to give your online listing the highest amount of accuracy possible.

  • Review Monitoring

    You never want to find out about a negative review because one of your regulars tells you about it. With 71% of customers reporting that they trust online reviews, it’s imperative that they’re seeing the right reviews at the right time, and that you are actively responding too and resolving negative ones. Our review monitoring dashboard allows instantaneous access to everywhere your business is talked about, and can notify you (and us) whenever a review is posted.

  • Review Outreach

    While it’s true that your customers that have a wonderful experience may be inclined to leave you a review, positive reviews for websites don’t happen by accident. We provide an e-mail platform that prompts previous customers to provide feedback – sorting out negative reviews before they happen – and encourage happy customers to use our single-sign on review platform. Our outreach programs are entirely customizable to the realities of your business – meaning we can customize the frequency, recency, and specific messaging as tightly as necessary to produce winning results.
    Website Review Integration

  • Website Review Integration

    Reviews don’t do much if potential customers aren’t reading them. We’ve partnered with a leading review plugin to be able to deliver their powerful features to our clients. This allows us to get positive reviews on a tab in your website that your users can read or interact with at any time. We display only positive reviews on your website (coded to Google’s standards via API integration) and have full control over what’s displayed. The same tool also allows people to leave reviews for your company without having to sign in to Google, yelp, etc.

  • Social Mentions

    If you’ve been signing into Facebook every day and checking your page manually, you know how difficult to follow up with or miss mentions in a timely manner – especially when the rigors of your day-to-day distract you. We monitor social mentions wherever your company has a presence, and even report mentions that aren’t left on your owned pages. This added level of visibility lets you uncover how your business is spoken outside of direct conversation with your staff, and gives you an opportunity to confront and correct issues as they happen.

Overview Dashboard

All of these tools are available to you and either accessible through our reporting dashboards or directly through your website. As with our other services, our core commitments to transparency, communication and results means you’ll never be left in the dark about the activity going on around your website and company.