Digital Marketing Audit

Understand your place in your competitive space with a Digital Marketing Audit from C1 Partners.

Our comprehensive audit covers more than just SEO, meta tags, and technical jargon.

Most business owners and marketing professionals aren’t looking for the technical data behind the ins and outs of search engine optimization – you want actionable guidance behind this data and a practical strategy that can get profitable results. Our digital marketing audit starts with your website and the health of your online presence, but also explores your business, your objectives, keywords, and competitive landscape.

Each scheduled digital marketing audit is customized by an experienced marketing professional to actually make sense of what is relevant for your business, and you’ll be matched with someone who can identify issues and suggest solutions on-the-fly, backed by real data about your company.

In our meeting, we’ll discuss:

  • Current strengths and weaknesses of your website
  • Keywords rankings of you and your competitors, and how they match your business goals
  • Changes to make to your website to help Google understand who you are
  • Online and competitive factors working for or against you
  • Your potential opportunity from online marketing (leads & sales, not traffic & rankings’
  • How to produce ROI from your website as efficiently and sustainably as possible

We provide this information and expertise for free because our experience has taught us that education and collaboration mixed with transparency and a mutual understanding of the marketplace makes for a long term and profitable partnership for both parties. We’re in this for the long haul, and our own experience with other SEO companies shows us how important it is to start off on the right foot.

Either call us directly at 303-501-1821 or fill out the form above to schedule your free digital marketing audit today.