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If PPC won't work for your company, we'll tell you. If your campaign or copy has holes and weak spots, we'll point them out to you. If you need to spend more or less, we'll show you why.

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  • Full analysis of implentation of current keywords, ads, and account construction

  • Inspection of PPC best practices in your campaign

  • Opportunities for improvement

  • Recommendations and physical, concrete steps on how to implement them

  • 15 minute information gathering session

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What does a PPC Audit get me?

A successful PPC campaign doesn't start and stop with the AdWords interface, and neither does a proper audit. Our comprehensive PPC audits start with the goals of your business and understanding your marketing objectives, and then matching your current environment with one that would achieve favorable results. This can mean changes involving everything from budget and keyword selection to the content of your landing pages. Those that develop profitable campaigns analyze the entire marketing funnel and understand with great detail how each piece feeds and fits into the next. With our PPC audit, you'll be provided with the observations, conclusions, and recommendations from seasoned marketing veterans and AdWords experts in order to reach your marketing goals.

You're either not driving a positive return on your PPC investment, or you're not making enough to justify the time and cost. Companies like yours struggle every day with either internalizing their own PPC/SEM efforts or finding a partner that can actually deliver on the kind of results they promise. You need to stay focused on your business, and not on the ins and outs of pay-per-click marketing. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of intricate details that go into a streamlined and profitable PPC campaign, and it shouldn't be your job to intimately understand each one.

Ideally, your company will generate a positive ROI, understand the terms and ad copy that drives conversions, and create profitable, sustainable environment that you understand. You also want strategies and recommendations on how to streamline your ad spend to fully take advantage of the hyper targeted traffic that AdWords can provide.