Free SEO Audit for Your Website

Trying to figure out what is holding your site back from ranking on the first page of Google? If you’re looking for an SEO audit, chances are you’re looking for actionable items and meaningful data – something tangible that you can use to actually drive change in your search rankings. You could also be seeing if your current SEO provider is up to snuff and really giving you the best advice. Your competitors are beating you in the online marketing world, and now it’s time to learn how to narrow the gap and earn yourself business on the internet.

You are in the right place, because this is exactly what our SEO Audit provides.

With our free audit, you’ll receive a prioritized list of recommendations, and some specific, actionable data about your website regarding:

  • Technical SEO Best Practices
  • How Google Sees Your Site
  • Mobile Functionality & Optimization
  • Website Usability & User Experience
  • Local Optimization (Map Results)
  • Existing Traffic & Performance

Fill out the form, and we’ll send your audit to your e-mail address. Audits are great, but the most important part is what you will end up doing with this information. You can spend hours pouring into all of the data in your website, Google Analytics, and the endless stream of information that exists about search engine optimization…or you can talk to an expert who will make sense of everything for you. We provide that as well – if you’d like to get on our schedule, just request your free digital marketing assessment. The difference between this assessment and our audit is that we’ll do a deep dive on your competitors as well.

About us

C1 Partners specializes in lead generation for small business through organic search engine optimization—the route to take to rule Google for good. We develop and implement the processes used to land a high ranking on the SERPs (Search engine result pages). With consideration to the approximately 50,000 ranking factors Google’s algorithm uses, we know what to do and what it takes to help every website get top rankings on effective keywords that drive real ROI. We help everyone from national powerhouses to the mom and pop shop, and we’re exceptionally gifted at what we do.

As a part of your free SEO audit, we’ll contact you to see if you have any questions. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to talk to anyone, but we are really good at making your life easier.