Free Digital Marketing Presentations

Our Digital Marketing presentation series helps you learn more about specific topics we cover in the presentations we make around the country. Each presentation is developed for a client around a specific topic. We place them here for those people who weren’t able to attend our presentation or for those who made it but would like to have the slides available. In addition to these presentations, we also have instructional videos, Action Sheets, and worksheets that you can use to help you with your digital marketing efforts. If you get stuck, we are only a phone call or email away.

  • Are Your Customers Listening To You? – SIA Snow Show January 30, 2016
    How to develop messaging that engages your customers
  • How To Really Use LinkedIn To Find and Attract Prospects – Meetup June 9, 2015
    Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business
  • How To Audit Your Digital Marketing (For Free) – Meetup May 12, 2015
    Audit Your Digital Marketing For Free
  • Developing A Social Media Strategy Around LinkedIn – Meetup November 11, 2014
    LinkedIn Social Media Strategy
  • Reporting and Analytics – SIA Webinar October 1, 2014
    Reporting and Analytics SIA
  • Website Optimization – SIA Webinar March 2014
    Website Optimization – 0314
  • Develop The Best Messaging For Your Target Clients – Meetup February 2014
    Develop The Best Messaging For Your Clients
  • Keyword Targeting – SIA Webinar February 2014
    Keyword Research Presentation
  • Digital Marketing 101: How To Use Digital Marketing to Drive Your Business – SIA SnowShow January 2014
    Digital Marketing 101
  • Positioning, Messaging and Persona Development – SIA Webinar January 2014
    Personas, Positioning, Messaging
  • What We Learned in 2013, What We Will Apply in 2014 – Meetup January 2014
    what we learned in 2013 – applying in 2014 redacted
  • Overview of Digital Marketing – SIA Webinar December 2013
    Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Learn the Key Steps In Lead Nurturing – November 13, 2013
    Learn the Key Steps in Lead Nurturing
  • Google Adwords/PPC for Small Business – October 30, 2013
    Google Adwords/PPC for Small Business
  • Lead Generation for Small Business – October 9, 2013
    Lead Generation for Small Business
  • Linkbuilding and Off-Site Optimization – September 11, 2013
    Linkbuilding and Off-Site Optimization
  • Google Adwords/PPC for Small Business – August 14, 2013
    Google Adwords/PPC for Small Business
  • Blogging For Small Business – July 10, 2013
    Blogging for Small Business
  • Website Optimization – June 12, 2013
    Website Optimization C1 Partners
  • Keyword Research – May 8, 2013
    Keyword Research C1 Partners
  • Denver Digital Marketing for Small Business – March 13, 2013
    5 Keys to Online Success Meetup Denver 3.13.13
  • Snowsports Industries America, SnowShow 2013
    “5 Steps To Online Success For Small Business”
  • Outdoor Industry Association, Fall Webinar
    “Should Small Business Say No to SEO?”