Free Digital Marketing Instructional Videos

Our instructional video series helps you take charge of your digital marketing activities. Each video is developed to give you an overview and ground you in how to approach the specific topic. In addition, each video has a corresponding Action Sheet. After reviewing the video and the Action Sheet, you will be prepared to move forward and execute on that step in the Digital Marketing process. Feel free to use these videos to help you in your marketing efforts, and if you get stuck, we are only a phone call or email away.

Digital Marketing Introduction

Building Your Buyer Persona

Developing Positioning and Messaging

Creating A Keyword Strategy

Optimizing Your Website

Blogging For Business

Recorded Presentations

C1 Partners takes pride in educating the public and increasing the level of SEO and digital marketing related knowledge wherever possible. We present a wide range of topics from time to time, and while they are generally pointed towards certain audiences, there is always something valuable to learn from these talks that can be applied in many different scenarios. We invite you to watch these pre-recorded videos to help you in your marketing efforts however possible.

Reporting and Analytics – Colorado Nonprofit Association

SEO Blogging for Nonprofits – Colorado Nonprofit Association