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C1 Partners Paid Search Results Are Second to None

Let’s get straight to the point: The vast majority of the time we improve efficiency of paid search programs we takeover by 50% to 90%.

This means our customers can lower their cost per customer acquisition by as much as 90%  by using us to audit, manage and continually optimize their paid search campaigns. In many cases we can both lower budgets while increasing the quantity and quality of leads and sales generated for their businesses.

If you have never tried paid search before, you can rest assured that you will start off on the right track and have an almost immediate advantage over most your competitors who don’t use our services.

We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity: we won’t work for your competitors, we won’t take a percentage of your budget, and we won’t lock you in to a long term contract.

What our customers say about their paid search campaigns:

“My phone is actually ringing now.”

“We thought our Google Adwords campaigns were doing ok, but after C1 Partners audited and fixed them our efforts are much more profitable.”

“We have too many leads now and have to pause our campaigns-especially now that SEO is also successful.”

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What Makes C1 Partners Your Best Choice?

The experts at C1 Partners have been running successful paid search campaigns and have been Google Adwords certified as far back as 2003.

Our experience, expertise, methodology and utilization of cutting edge technologies maximizes your profits. Our commitment to your success means we treat you as a partner, and your success is our success.

If you are using paid search now and are dissatisfied with your current results, or have had such a bad experience in the past that you are hesitant to try it again, you should contact us. We will tell you whether or not we think paid search can be profitable for your business. Unlike most paid search companies we will also tell you what services you should avoid if we determine they may never be profitable.

If you haven’t used paid search before we can help you determine if it is right for your business, what your budget should be and what your cost per customer acquisition might be even before you begin a campaign.

Why do so many paid search campaigns fail?

Investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or other paid ads via Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Programmatic or other services can be a tricky business.

They all make it sound so simple:

  1. Choose your target keywords, geography, and/or demographics
  2. Write your text ads and/or create your display ads
  3. Choose your bids and budgets
  4. Enter in your credit card information
  5. Hit “go” and start gaining new customers!

Unfortunately, this is rarely the experience businesses have with paid search.

Most amateurs or do it your selfers waste thousands of dollars on paid search that doesn’t work or loses money for the business. It’s not their fault, because they have the best intentions, but paid search tools are often setup to first and foremost generate revenue for the companies selling the ads, leaving your business as their second priority at best.

C1 Partners Strategy for Success

Step 1: Understanding How to Reach Your Most Profitable Customers

It’s one thing to understand the needs of your business, it’s another to understand the challenges your ideal customers face, the solutions they desire and how to position your business as their best choice. With our experience and proprietary messaging platform we will increase the quality of the customers you gain from paid search

Step 2: Determining The Best Tools for Capturing Your Most Profitable Customers

Our experience with Google Adwords and Bing pay-per-click search marketing, paid display advertising, retargeting, programmatic and even paid social media advertising enables us to recommend the best solutions that will help you reach your ideal customers.

We Don’t Stop There…

Step 3: Tracking Conversions at The Acquisition or “Sale” Level

Providing leads is one thing, but driving quality sales is the only thing that really matters to businesses like yours. We can talk about “impressions”, “clicks”, and “leads”, but we would rather identify the quantity and quality of sales being provided to your business. We utilize the latest technologies to show you where your sales are coming from even down to the keyword level.

Step 4: Constantly Testing, Analyzing Results and Optimizing Efforts

Our detailed tracking and testing means that we are constantly doing everything we can to improve profitability, maximize results and helping you grow your business.

You also get the satisfaction of outperforming your competitors. Over time many of them won’t be able to afford to compete with your business in the paid search arena.

Retargeting and Programmatic Marketing

Our expertise with these exciting new technologies can help you enhance all of your other marketing efforts and reach audiences you could never reach before with such efficiency.

Discover your paid search or pay-per-click advertising opportunity. Contact our experts for your free analysis.

Keyword Strategy

YOUR KEYWORD STRATEGY is the basis for your digital marketing strategy. Developing your keyword strategy is how you will determine which keywords you will target with your digital marketing efforts. Download the full Action Sheet for more information.

Keyword Research Process

Step 1: Developing Your “Core” Keywords
Step 2: Using Your Keyword Tool
Step 3: Organizing and Refining Your List

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