Develop Website Optimization

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION is the foundation of your online marketing strategy. It’s the critical first step in maximizing your online marketing efforts.

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The Process

Keyword Focus

Rather than repeating or stuffing a single keyword phrase, use natural variations of the keyword phrase.

Write Your Content

Write your content first of all to add value to your reader around your keyword theme.

Edit In Easy-To-Read Format

Make the content web-friendly. Make your content easy for humans to read.

Social Sharing And Mobile Access

How quickly, how often, who, and where your content is shared is a ranking signal for the search engines

Make Your "Search Juice" Tweaks

Now, after you’ve done the above five steps in creating your content, now it’s time to make sure this content is optimized for the search engines.

Specific On-Page Optimization

  • Page Title

  • URL Structure

  • Meta Description

  • Headings and Sub-Headings

  • Images/Alt Text

  • Internal and External Links

It’s the critical first step in maximizing your online marketing efforts. On-page optimization is all about relevance- for both the search engines and your visitors. To have your content considered relevant with the search engines, you must make it clear what your particular page is about.

On-page optimization boils down to two key things:

  1.  Choosing the best keywords to use on each page.
  2.  Making it as clear as possible to both the search engines and your visitors that your page is relevant to the keywords you are using on the page.

Is SEO now dead? No, it’s simply more challenging. Your content can no longer appeal to a search engine robot. It must catch the attention of the search engines AND offer value to real human readers.