Developing A Social Media Strategy

Developing A Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Brand Guidelines

  • Review social profiles from a brand consistency perspective
  • Personality! Human face to the world!
  • Develop your ‘voice’ (informal/formal tone, etc.)
  • Top 15-30 keywords/phrases (integral for optimizing content & better SEO)
  • How you’ll use imagery in your posts
  • How you’ll involve employees/colleagues in content development
  • Who ‘owns’ the customer service engagements

10-40 Rule

(B2B Social Media Book by Kipp Bodnar and Jeffrey L. Cohen)

  • Out of every 15 social media messages…
  • 10 should be information about other people’s content
  • 4 should be about your content (blog, article, etc.)
  • And 1 should be a landing page on your site (webinar request page, white paper download, etc.)

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