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C1 Partners’ approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides lasting success for our clients.  We offer transparent solutions to SEO by following tested, innovative, and safe practices.  Our robust technical knowledge and our emphasis on measurable results have made us stand out in the marketplace with a client retention rate that is twice the industry average. 

We hear every day from business owners and marketing professionals that SEO companies are incredibly difficult to work with. Most people we talk to have these or similar complaints:

    • They have mislead the company in what was achievable, or have simply underperformed or underserved their client
    • They’ve either failed to establish and reach real, attainable marketing goals, or even fail to respond to questions about progress, deliverables, or the work that’s actually being done
    • They don’t understand how business goals – receiving a return on your investment – mesh with the nuts-and-bolts of search engine optimization

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Our goal at C1 Partners is to reverse this trend and provide three basic things to each client: Results, Transparency, and Communication. Our dedication to this has kept our clients happy and profitable month over month and year over year.

We encourage you to allow us to help your team and your business grow your presence online and increase your revenues from your website.

ROI Driven Results

For SEO to actually get profitable results, you need a marketing partner that:

        • SEO and ROIUnderstands your business goals and can identify the potential opportunity to generate profit based on your marketing budget
        • Leverages your current online success and SEO authority while addressing technically deficient area
          s preventing you from seeing success
        • Can honestly evaluate the competitive landscape and help you understand the real differences between you and your competitors
        • Executes best practices for conversions, content marketing and distribution, and reports on real results
        • Lives and breathes the Google search algorithm every day so that you don’t have too.

What Is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables a website to achieve high rankings for a target keyword on a search engine results page.  Companies need to use SEO best practices to rank well for their target keywords.  However, today’s SEO is a byproduct of developing and promoting content that is designed to help the customer.
We generally break SEO into two types: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 

On-Page SEO:

To rank well, a company wants to make sure a search engine can index its website accurately.  To do so,
you need to organize the site structure of the website so that it is easy for the search engine to understand.  You will also want to show the search engine what target keyword each web page is about.This doesn’t just mean that your site needs to load fast or be mobile friendly. It means everything, your navigation, internal linking, and content, on your site needs to coordinated around a strategy that helps the site rank for its target keywords.

Off-Page SEO:
Google wants to provide its customers with the best possible answers to their questions. It believes that relevant websites will share good content for a particular problem Links to your website from useful articles show the search engine that your content is helpful. By acquiring more links from relevant and valuable sites, your site will rank ahead of its competitors.

Why do businesses choose to do SEO?

There are many different way to generate revenue through digital marketing. We would be one of the first to say that SEO is not the right solution for everyone. However, more than 90% of customers use a search engine to research or make a purchase. As a result, SEO has a greater ability to grow revenue than other marketing tactics. SEO requires an organized strategy executed over time so that a company ranks well. A company receives a large payoff by ranking in the top three results of the search engine result page.

  • What Can You Expect?
    For SEO to achieve profitable results, you need a marketing partner that:
  • • Understands your business goals
  • • Can identify the business opportunity to generate profit based on your budget
  • • Leverages your current online success and SEO authority
    • Addresses technical deficiencies in your website that are preventing you from seeing success
    • Can provide an effective evaluation of the competitive landscape
    • Help you understand the real differences between you and your competitors
    • Safely executes best practices for conversions, content marketing and distribution, and reports on real results
    • Lives and breathes the Google search algorithm every day so that you don’t have to.

Businesses who perform their own digital marketing are usually limited by their technical expertise. It is possible to go through the necessary activities yourself. If it helps, we have several helpful free resources for you to learn more about what you can do. However, increased competition in your industry or other demands on your time may limit your success and cause you to look for help. This situation is where C1 Partners can help.

What Services are included?

• Digital Marketing and Website Audit

Websites are like cars – they will run on their own without too much interference, but they also must have maintenance, protection, and care. Like a vehicle inspection, C1 Partners utilizes several tools combined with our experience to diagnose issues preventing you from reaching position #1. For example, the robots.txt file, the cracked thermostat of the Google world, has the potential to block the entire search engine from even reading your website if it’s configured the wrong way. Our website and digital marketing audit covers dozen items that impact search engine result rankings.

While many businesses offer similar automated services, we take the time to discuss and help you understand what’s worth spending time and money on fixing, and educate you on why an element is affecting you. We also prescribe solutions that are practical and cost effective – we’re worried about the manifold intake, not the fuzzy dice.

• Keyword Research
This service is a combination of search engine expertise and solid marketing knowledge. It’s the art of psychology and messaging mixed with the science of how people search.

During our Keyword Research process, we cover:

• What products and services you’re trying to achieve conversions for
• Your existing status in Google’s eyes and the quickest paths to victory
• The atmosphere of your competition and how that is likely to affect SEO efforts
• Uncovering low competition yet high value keywords for your business

Our SEO services use this keyword research and map targeted terms to your specific content, so that the right person is reading the ideal content during the appropriate stage in the buyer’s journey.

• Onsite Optimization

Google does not disclose the exact formula it uses to determine the value of a site. Research shows that Google uses hundreds of factors to determine the rank of your site. C1 Partners conducts ongoing research and development across hundreds of websites. We apply this data to refine our best practices to put in place on our client’s websites. C1 uses its proprietary and tested approach to achieve the success for our clients.

• Local Search Citation Development

Trying to rank in the local listings for your business in your area? So are your competitors. Here’s why:
Depending on the search engine, local searches represent 25% to 50% of searches. People make the majority of their local searches on their smartphone or tablet. Once they have made a local search, 50% will visit the vendor and almost 20% will result in a sale. What is the primary piece of information they are looking for? Your business’ address and hours.
This data means two things for local businesses. First, you want to rank need to ensure your business listings are consistent. Second, you need to optimize your website for mobile search.

SEO Best PracticesAutomated directory websites have created listings of your business all over the internet already. This situation causes confusion for your customers. There can be many variations and inaccurate listings for your business, especially if you have moved.
C1 uses its tools to ensure company information is accurate and consistent. We succeed in updating dozens of these listings for every month. As a result, our clients have consistent and widespread local citations on relevant directories.

• Content Development

Content comes in many forms – written, video, web pages, PDF’s, checklists, etc. – but is only useful when it’s relevant to the right audience. C1 employs several thousand quality writers to bring provide a wide variety of expertise. Our extensive writer network helps us to develop relevant and accurate content across all types of industries.

We have had experience developing a wide range of content across all types of business and industries. These include B2B, B2C, Manufacturing, Service, Technology, and everything in between. Our content development plan dovetails with our off-page SEO efforts. We’re not only producing quality on-page content, but allowing the internet to breathe life into it. As a result, Google rewards the website with high rankings and traffic for our efforts. Currently we produce anywhere from 600 – 800 unique pieces of content on a monthly basis.

Offsite Linkbuilding and Authority Development

For a site to rank well, it is critical to develop the site’s authority and trust. Sufficient authority and trust help a site outrank its competitors. To improve authority and trust, a site needs to gain links from content on other valued sites. These links are hyperlinks in text or an image. A site visitor can click the hyperlink, and it will take that person from one website to another.

C1 Partners’ Authority Development combines traditional SEO and Public Relations. We place valuable content on relevant and respected online publications that link back to your site. We drive value for our clients because we are able to place articles with dozens of top-tier sites. These sites including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall St. Journal, and many others.
Search engines assign value to links by assessing several aspects of a link and the site which is the source of the link. These include the popularity of the site, the anchor text of the link, the site’s other links, the freshness of the links, and many other aspects.

There are many ways to build links back to a site. (Here is a Pro Tip: Search Google for “How to build links”. You’ll get a good idea of how the vast majority of “SEO” companies spend their time.) The challenge is to build them in a way that reflects natural business behavior, so that a website does not get penalized by the search algorithms.
This balance is reflected in the site’s link profile. A sound link profile enables a site to develop trust and authority and also rank well for the target keyword terms of a site. C1 Partners’ has proprietary guidelines to building of a site’s natural link profile. These guidelines, along with our relationships with publishers, are a key part of what makes us different and what makes our clients so successful.

Site Analysis• Reporting
The advent of digital marketing has given marketers great advantages. We are now able to make rapid, data-driven decisions to improve our campaigns.

This situation has created a data-heavy environment. A marketer can track, measure, and chart almost everything that they are doing. It has reached the point where the challenge isn’t getting data. The challenge is finding the right data and putting it to use.

We are firm believers in actionable data. If we can’t drive decisions with the data, we don’t need to use it.

We base all our reporting on one central theme – Return On Investment Our reporting includes:
• A 24/7 dashboard that reports on day to day improvements and activities our team has completed
• A weekly ranking tracker that displays exactly where you are ranking
• Lead scoring mechanisms so we can focus our energy in the most profitable areas
• A monthly digital marketing report that encompasses the important marketing metrics on your site.

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. We want to provide you with as much transparency as possible. This enables you to engage with these tools as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Establish a Lasting Relationship with Experts

At C1 Partners, we strive to establish long term Marketing Strategyrelationships with our clients, because SEO is not a one-time marketing endeavor  that produces instant results. It’s the ongoing evolution of your online presence: we use real data to shift towards the results, leads, and business you receive from organic traffic to consistently drive your cost per lead and acquisition down, making each dollar you spend on SEO work harder for your business.

We execute a comprehensive R&D strategy to ensure that our practices have real results – we don’t blindly follow advice of the latest blog and simply “Google SEO”, we incorporate and facilitate a learning institution and execution platform that mixes best industry practices with what actually works in today’s online search optimization world.

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