Penalty Recovery

Google updates are a real downer if you’re at the receiving end of the penalties. One day you’re on top of the rankings, enjoying the consistent high traffic, and getting new clients almost every day; the next day you’re on page 6. A single algorithm change can render all of your marketing efforts irrelevant and drop you way below the ranking.

All along, you believed your marketing agency was doing it right until your business suffered the consequences of their badpractices. You can’t turn back time, but it’s never too late to rebound.

C1 Partners has proven success in using effective Google penalty recovery tactics. You can rely on our expertise to fix what’s broken in your SEO strategies and ensure you won’t suffer the same fate again.

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Spotting What Went Wrong

The hardest part of bouncing back is the first step: finding the problem. Of course, you never realized your strategies were off base until Google made you. It’s a bit overwhelming to evaluate the entire structure of your site and start from scratch.

No worries, our team has got you covered. We perform a comprehensive assessment to identify what was done on your site that Google doesn’t approve of.

Our meticulous attention to detail allows us to determine every single bad link, low-quality piece of content, and other things that hurt rankings. We’ll get everything done ASAP and start developing a sound strategy to get you back to the top.

Eliminating Negativity

Other than penalty recovery, C1 Partners excels in fighting off negative SEO. It is when your competitors use unethical efforts to bring you down to improve their rankings. If you lost your grip on the number 1 spot and Google didn’t launch any major update, then maybe your rivals are the one to blame.

We take pride in being one of the few companies with experience in combating the effects of negative SEO and succeeded. It takes an exceptional team to negate any malicious practices directed toward the ranking performance of your site.

Be it hack attacks, bad links, or spam reports, we’ll close the holes in your security and remove spammy backlinks. We use reliable tools to analyze your site to the last detail and expect fruitful results fast.


Ranking You Better Than Ever

C1 Partners is not just all about providing penalty recovery and battling negative SEO efforts, we’re committed to getting better rankings for you. If you haven’t been on top before all of this happened, we can formulate strategic tactics to put you above the rankings this time.

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