Site Analysis

Are you puzzled why your website can’t seem to produce the results you’re expecting?

You paid a steep price to market your brand online. Your hopes are high after your marketing agency promised you that they would cover all the bases to improve the rankings of your website on Google in no time.

After waiting for more than a year, you finally landed on page one. You think your phone or email should be busier by now, but you still didn’t receive the quality or quantity of leads as you were expecting. Thousands of dollars later, you wanted to switch to a different SEO company to revitalize your ailing campaign; your long-term contract just wouldn’t let you.

Like you, many business site owners suffer the same fate. You paid serious money to increase your conversions and sales and end up making everyone richer—except you. It’s frustrating without a doubt, but you can still turn the tide.

C1 Partners is committed to checking every aspect of your site and figure out what went wrong in your previous campaign. We use an in-depth site analysis and penalty assessment to spot the weaknesses of your website and recover from the possible hit you received from Google.

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Right Keywords, Desired Results

First and foremost, we’ll check if you’re targeting the right set of keywords. Our team will determine which terms don’t work for you and research for the ones you should aim for. We use reliable tools to identify the most sought-after keywords or phrases in your industry and use them to lay down a solid strategy for your campaign.


Low-Quality Content Equals Shallow Pages

At C1 Partners, we’ll ensure your content is “high-quality” and makes Google happy. This means the information on your site should be relevant, well-written, and, most of all, original. There’s a variety of reasons your pages won’t rank, but the main culprit is duplicate content.

Our goal is to make sure your on-page and off-page content adds value to your readers. We’ll remove all the duplicate content and replace them with unique ones. We have an entire department dedicated to producing valuable content to improve your SERPs ranking fast.

Healthy Link Profile is Wealth

Our SEO specialists give painstaking attention to detail to review every single link on your site. More than just the number of backlinks, we’ll ensure each one of them adds value to your site’s authority. We’ll eliminate all the spammy links found in your profile and ensure you have nothing but quality link backs.


Penalties and Rebounds

If your ranking suddenly drops, C1 Partners will analyze your site’s profile and see if Google issued you a penalty. After finding out which penalty dragged you down the rankings, we’ll quickly create an effective action plan to help you bounce back.

Our comprehensive site analysis and penalty assessment are your key to reaching your online goals. Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs.

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